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Honest Pinocchio
Pinocchio, a boy
Innocent age of ten
Such was his simple joy
to be man among men.
At school, recess was gray.
Though to the boys he'd say
that he would like to play,
they just yelled, "go away."
So to girls he'd retreat,
but felt somehow estranged
from their customs effete;
"Maybe I'm just deranged."
Much did he ruminate
on his binding distress;
Some tactic to relate
to boys and their noblesse.
"For I'm one of them too,
and that I can attest;
I can do all they do,
I'll be no more oppressed."

Defiantly he dared
to the field by the knoll
and called out and declared
that he would keep the goal.
Their shouting turned to rage—
They, in moments only,
gathered, forming a cage
around this child lonely.
"Fake!" But he refuses
'til his nose swollen grew
darker turn the bruises—
his cheeks rose-red in hue.
Though "stop!" he tries to cry,
they are with hatred cloyed
to hear his honest lie:
"But I am a real boy…"
:iconsilusw:SilusW 16 11
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A Happy Poem :iconr-parsons:R-Parsons 11 4
My Homophobia experiences
Ever wonder what is on the other side of Homophobia?
Try to imagine
You are in the second grade,
And tell a girl she is pretty and you "like like" her.
She looks at you funny, says, "My mommy says people like you go to hell."
You cant comprehend,
Isnt this normal?
Sure the other girls have boys they like.  But you...You dont understand.
Time passes.  You're in the fifth grade.  The dance is coming up.  You want to ask this really cute girl.
But now you understand...
You are as weird as they say.  So, You ask a boy.  He takes you, and you're miserable...watching the girl you like being held by a boy.
You dance, when  someone whispers in you partner's ear.  He pushes you off and yells, "Dyke!"  His crew laughs and the girls throw things, punch you, bruise your arms to teach you the sins.
You go to the car...your mom asks what happened, she knows it was probably your step-father again
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Haley Nicole
United States
hey guys! I'm FreeLove08, or Haley Nicole!

so I just thought I'd write this to kinda explain what I do on here.

as many of you have noticed, not only do I attempt at creating art, but I go around and give out free hugs.

I have a… in my signature that takes me to a random deviant's page. From there, I proceed to give that person an internet hug, and wish them a good day.

I find it a nice and simple way to brighten up someone's day, and encourage others to do it as well. Just think, if everyone I gave a hug, hugged someone else, and those people hugged another person, the internet might be just a little more friendly. ^^ I know I've made a few friends just by giving out some hugs, and being nice.

So just clearing the air: I'm not a stalker. I'm not even really gonna probably talk to you again, unless you comment back, or support and appreciate what I do and are kind enough to watch me. Just wanted to make it clear to everyone, 'cause I've gotten a few comments that were a little wary, which is very good. I can almost guarantee those people will never be a victim to online predators, but I just wanted everyone to know, I mean no harm. Only love and peace. ^^

Another point: I don't judge when I hug. I don't go through your journals and determine whether or not I think you're a good person. That's not up to me to decide. I don't discriminate. If I find you, I hug you. Simple as that. ^^

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day, and an even better tomorrow! :hug:

I have another account! :iconchemicalrejectboys:

MP3 player of choice: gotta love my ipod
Personal Quote: Have a beautiful day!
  • Listening to: On The Record Soundtrack
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Supernatural Season 7
  • Eating: pizza rolls
  • Drinking: pepsi

I am SO sorry I've been MIA for a while!

I've got a bunch of Bisectional drawings from throughout this last school year that I never posted, and i'm gonna get right on that.  I've also got some new posts on my other account :iconchemicalrejectboys:, so you can check those out if you'd like.  Lots of glee lol.

I've been working a lot lately (not that that's an excuse for being away, THAT'S just my own damn laziness), and will be heading back to school to start my senior year in a week, and i'm kinda excited to be heading back.  It's my first year not doing marching band though!  So weird!

Anyways, I hope everyone is having an absolutely FABULOUS August.  Love you all!  :heart:


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Happy Birthday! :)
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:hug: Hello random Deviant
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hello! :D :hug: :glomp: I hope you have a wonderful day!
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I hope you have lovely day too! :D
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Happy Birthday Haley.
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aww! you are so sweet! thank you! :heart: :hug:
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Thank you so much for adding "X-MEN: Colossus X Northstar" to your favourites. I'm very glad you like my work! :hug:
FreeLove08 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
my pleasure! ^^
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Thanks for the fav!
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